Friday, May 18, 2012

A Decade of Service in DC

It has been my privilege to partner with CSM in Washington, DC for over 10 times now.  I have been bringing students from Warner Southern College (now Warner University) during Spring Break to work in DC and have enjoyed every minute.  There are so many memories, it is hard to just share one.  However, in the past few years, during the opening Prayer Tour we have arrived at a Catholic Church in Anacostia where the view back into the city is absolutely marvelous and somewhat breathtaking.  To see and pray for DC, as well as pray for the week before us has set a spiritual tone that makes the experience more than just serving…but serving in and through the mighty name of Jesus who desperately loves the world we live in.  I comment often to our students that John 3:16 is still true today. 

I have incorporated experiencing a prayer service at the National Cathedral over the past few years and the CSM Staff has been great in accommodating our request.  This year our city host, Zac, planned a debrief in the Bishop’s Garden Gazebo and the setting was just perfect as we shared our insights from serving in the context of our call to worship.  With the mighty Cathedral looming over us, we were once again reminded that serving and worshipping are one in the same. 

- Michael Sanders

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