Monday, December 05, 2011

Chicago Trip Reflection

We wanted to share a sweet note that one of our dear leaders sent our way this week. Thank you for serving with us in Chicago and for your kind words!

Hi all at CSM.  We served this past July with the fine Chicago CSM folks.  We love you, CSM, because the work we do with you is with real people in real ministries.  We will remember those we met at CCO VBS and Casa Central.  CSM, you teach us and you set up the week for us, balancing the needs of the local ministries and the needs of our group [which includes the hopes and worries of all parents etc. connected to the kids we bring]. We love the great hosts we have had over the years, they always have made an impression on our students and leaders.

This year, we had several students who had just finished grade 12, serve with Matty and Kara in Chi-town.  Of those, four are serving in our junior high ministry this winter, building into the live of younger students in our community.  As well, one of these girls drives into Winnipeg to volunteer at an inner-city drop in centre. My youth pastor heart is glad to see the efforts we make all year toward living a personally owned, active faith, are strengthened by our CSM experience, and continued into the first year after high school!

Thanks for all you do.

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