Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cumberland Christian Academy Loves on Denver

Wow, what a week!   For most people it began like any other week.  However, for the CCA Junior Class mission team it became the week that God showed up in Denver, Colorado.

We hit the ground running facing long days and late nights as we placed ourselves in God's hands for His service.

Immediately we found ourselves ministering one-on-one with senior citizens assuring them that they are not forgotten and someone does care.

We learned that the homeless are real people with real struggles facing real situations and in great need of real ministry.  We seized the opportunity at hand and responded in several ways.  We prepared and served them hot meals.  We took time to listen to them with heartfelt compassion.  We gave them clothing and when we left them they were greatly encouraged and had a renewed sense of hope.

We experienced an awesome ministry moment one night as we became Jesus with skin on.  We knocked on doors at motels that have become transitional housing for people struggling to break free of addictions or prostitution, including single girls pregnant with no one to turn to, and others who just had no place to go.  Hundreds heard our knock and opened the door and received our gifts of  burritos, pastries, candy, medical supplies, coats and of course our "on the spot"  prayer for them.

World Vision gave us a life changing moment as we packed 4,000 children's t-shirts  and other clothing items for shipment to Haiti and remote places in Africa.

A large group of day laborers stood on a side street in the cool of the early morning hoping to be picked up for a day of work.  We gave them hot coffee and pastries to warm and nourish their bodies and God's love to warm and nourish their hearts.  Most of them spoke Spanish (and we did not) yet we saw how God's love transcends all communication barriers.

And of course there were the children of the inner city.  They came from different life situations but all had one  common need: love.   We became their big brother or big sister as we played with them, read books to them, did crafts with them and loved them.  We will never forget the smiles on their faces.

As a team we were well prepared for this trip. But God!  His plans were higher and bigger than our greatest expectations.  You see, God showed up in Denver and we will never be the same.

 Pastor Richard Hemphill
Cumberland Christian Academy
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Friday, November 12, 2010

New Urban Ministry Job Postings!!

Attention, CSM Alumni! There are tons of new urban ministry job postings on our website - check em out!

Do you know of an open position in an urban center? Email us!