Thursday, December 09, 2010

Alphabet Scoops!

Father’s Heart Ministry (New York, NY) sells some amazing, homemade ice cream from their Manhattan store. Among a multitude of their other ministries, Alphabet Scoop Ice Cream, employees local youth and teaches them crucial job skills. If you are local and looking for a delicious way to support a fantastic ministry, please email them for more information!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cumberland Christian Academy Loves on Denver

Wow, what a week!   For most people it began like any other week.  However, for the CCA Junior Class mission team it became the week that God showed up in Denver, Colorado.

We hit the ground running facing long days and late nights as we placed ourselves in God's hands for His service.

Immediately we found ourselves ministering one-on-one with senior citizens assuring them that they are not forgotten and someone does care.

We learned that the homeless are real people with real struggles facing real situations and in great need of real ministry.  We seized the opportunity at hand and responded in several ways.  We prepared and served them hot meals.  We took time to listen to them with heartfelt compassion.  We gave them clothing and when we left them they were greatly encouraged and had a renewed sense of hope.

We experienced an awesome ministry moment one night as we became Jesus with skin on.  We knocked on doors at motels that have become transitional housing for people struggling to break free of addictions or prostitution, including single girls pregnant with no one to turn to, and others who just had no place to go.  Hundreds heard our knock and opened the door and received our gifts of  burritos, pastries, candy, medical supplies, coats and of course our "on the spot"  prayer for them.

World Vision gave us a life changing moment as we packed 4,000 children's t-shirts  and other clothing items for shipment to Haiti and remote places in Africa.

A large group of day laborers stood on a side street in the cool of the early morning hoping to be picked up for a day of work.  We gave them hot coffee and pastries to warm and nourish their bodies and God's love to warm and nourish their hearts.  Most of them spoke Spanish (and we did not) yet we saw how God's love transcends all communication barriers.

And of course there were the children of the inner city.  They came from different life situations but all had one  common need: love.   We became their big brother or big sister as we played with them, read books to them, did crafts with them and loved them.  We will never forget the smiles on their faces.

As a team we were well prepared for this trip. But God!  His plans were higher and bigger than our greatest expectations.  You see, God showed up in Denver and we will never be the same.

 Pastor Richard Hemphill
Cumberland Christian Academy
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Friday, November 12, 2010

New Urban Ministry Job Postings!!

Attention, CSM Alumni! There are tons of new urban ministry job postings on our website - check em out!

Do you know of an open position in an urban center? Email us!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Beautiful Children

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!" 1 John 3:1
Every afternoon at UJIMA-Settegast Heights (a Section 8 housing community), I have the blessing of playing with some of the most beautiful children I've ever met. We play bingo, we do the monkey bars, we play chain tag, or their personal favorite, we play Crystal is a horsey, where basically they get on my back and we run and spin around aimlessly until I can't hold them anymore and the next beautiful child asks to get on my back.
As Big Boi and Hamburger and Pig and Trey and Tyra and Adrian and Queen Bee and Daysia and so many more look up at me with their beautiful eyes, I can't help but be reminded of how I look up to my father. These kids look up at me sometimes with smiles, sometimes with tears, and even sometimes expressionless. Some of them are so desperate for human touch that I just want to hold them all day long and bring them home with me. Their laughter has become the music of my summer. Even their expressionless faces hold so much beneath. And then I remember, they are not only reaching up to me, they are actually reaching up to their heavenly Father. They may have no concept or knowledge of who Jesus is, but they do know they need love and I know that that love comes from their Heavenly Father.
As I left there last Thursday, knowing I wouldn't be back for a few days, I couldn't help, but be overcome with sadness. I didn't want to leave them. They have taught me so much about how to yearn out for the Lord, even though they don't know it. The way they love me is the way I want to love my father. Their love is so bold, real, and honest.
I don't even want to think about leaving them next week, knowing that I won't be seeing them for a long time, if ever again at all. Through this summer, though, I really have come to feel a peace about moving back to Houston after graduation, working, and continuing to love and be loved by these beautiful children.
Lord, thank you for making such beautiful children. Thank you for letting me be your child and loving me so well. Bless my kids at UJIMA and lead them to your love. Amen
-Crystal, CSM Houston Summer 2010 City Host

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Urban Ministry Job Posting!

Hey all,
One of CSM New York's partner ministries (Maspeth Bible Church) has a part-time position available as a Children's/Youth Minister. Check out the listing on our Alumni Urban Ministry Jobs page.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning to be Stretched in Chicago

Jessica Harrington had been searching the web for a summer job when she came across CSM’s posting for a City Host. Serving the city of Chicago with CSM seemed like the perfect opportunity, so she jumped on it!
The summer of 2002 turned out to be one full of growth, passion and learning for Jessica. Being the only African American City Host in Chicago that summer definitely took Jessica out of her comfort zone. She was able to see that there was quite a gap between groups that served with CSM and the ministries they served at (mostly being African American or Hispanic). Instead of becoming frustrated, God showed Jessica that Christ should be the one to bridge that gap - in Him there is reconciliation and true community. Jessica was able to share her vision with the serving groups and ministry partners alike.
“All the differences don’t matter when we come to Jesus,” says Jessica.
Jessica is able to look back at all the different ministry sites she served at and see how God is moving and loves the city. One ministry site, The Cabrini Green Projects, had a huge impact on her and in her hearing God’s call to serve His people.
“One day, we were helping to clean in one of the high rises. As I stood on the balcony, so high up in the air, I could see past the projects somewhat. However, there was a fence that went from the top of the building to the bottom (to keep people from throwing things overboard). It’s so hard to see a clear view of the city through a fence. These people were free, but caged in. We are called to set captives free with His love. My heart broke—especially as an African American seeing people who looked like me suffering (and some were not even aware that they were living life subpar to what God meant for it to be).”
Jessica recently graduated with a Masters in Public Administration (concentrating in Non-Profit Administration). CSM gave Jessica the chance to see the vast needs at all the different ministry sites and to show her how it would be possible to use her “business mentality” to help others. She is now married, living in Baltimore and working at Johns Hopkins University doing community outreach with the public health, medical, and nursing students.
During her time with CSM, Jessica was able to latch onto key issues and learn how to best deal with them. She has some wise words for those who are looking to serve with CSM and the city in general:
  • Step outside of your comfort zone - let your light shine to everyone no matter their economic status or race and regardless of how comfortable it may be.
  • Talk about stereotypes - don’t be afraid! Let your time in the city be the place to learn and grow.
We are so blessed to see the path God has brought Jessica down - and to have been a part of it! We are grateful for her honesty, heart and passion.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


We're working on some fabulous ideas over here - come back soon to see!